Elected Officials and Important Phone Numbers
        Mayor: John Boroff 419-795-1016
        Fiscal Officer: Kristina Boroff        

Shelter Facility contact:
John Boroff 419-795-1016
Kristina Boroff 419-795-9102

        Council Members:
        Terry Seibert                
        Pete Van Arsdel       
        Seth Seibert        
        April Grunden        
        Jeremy Welker       
        John Siano              

        BPA Members
        Darrell Etgen
        Jeff Snider        
        Kyle Grunden                    

        Employee and Emergency Numbers
         Water Plant                 419-795-7131
        Sewer Plant                419-795-3006
        Utility Billing Clerk         419-795-6305
        Cemetery                        419-795-7131
                                        or 419-795-3220

        Law Enforcement:
        Central Dispatch        419-586-6455
        Emergency                911


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